10 myths about your soul’s pathway

  • I am not spiritual
  • I need to be a vegetarian
  • Only certain people can connect to their spiritual side
  • I am not intuitive
  • I am not religious
  • Not everyone has a soul’s pathway.
  • It is difficult to connect to understand and follow.
  • You have to pray, meditate daily
  • You have to be special, a healer, a psychic
  • It’s not part of normal life

Debunking those myths

We are made up of a body, a mind and a spirit (soul) but while the first two are very obvious parts of us, the spiritual part is unseen. It is embedded inside us. Everyone can access this divine spark, if we choose to.  Our life is a journey and we get lost, go on detours, sometimes its fun , other times it hard and scary.

You do not need to be a vegetarian, but as we connect more and more to our spiritual side, we become more aware of our world and all who share their life on her. This often leads to changing our diet and being more involved in “green” issues.

We all have a built in intuition radar, but we don’t all use it as we don’t trust ourselves. As we open up to our inner self, our intuition increases; the more we trust it the more we use lt.

Our natural spiritual aspect has nothing to do with any religion. It is the connection of our inner divine spark to the creator, the angelic kingdom, universal energies, God force , Gaia and a whole team of light.

We all have a Soul path; this is a pathway of learning and discovery  that we agreed to before we incarnate on Earth. We can’t remember what we agreed to, as the veil of amnesia descends before we are born. I must admit, I have often questioned if I had agreed to things that have happened in my life; but these are lessons we need to learn so we can progress along our soul journey.

Spiritual awakening can be scary as we go through emotional changes as we as physical ones. Our path is not always easy; but we chose it. Earth is a planet we come to in order to learn and teach, there are joyous times, beautiful experiences, but also tough ones to. This is why we have guardian angels and spirit guides and a whole team of light beings to help us.

Meditation, visualisation and prayer are ways to connect more easily with the Universe and spiritual beings that surround us. We are not forced to do these activities, but they do help us, spending quiet time just focusing on us and what we need becomes natural  and enjoyable.

We are all special; everyone of is unique. We all have gifts, talents, knowledge and wisdom to share, but we take them for granted and don’t realise how special they are. We often feel called to certain jobs and professions without realising why; these are our gifts showing themselves. Nursing, teaching, creativity such as musicians, dancers, etc. When it comes to your career follow your heart, do not settle into something because it’s expected of you.

We are a spiritual essence living in a physical body on this planet and once we embrace this, it becomes a very normal experience for us. The more we explore, the more we see how limited life is here. We see through the so called normal of society and open ourselves sup to living a more fulfilled life.

I feel so blessed to be helping many people discover their soul path, embrace their gifts and become the awesome person they truly are.