Meditation for Abundance

To manifest your dreams and desires you need to take action. The universe responds to emotions, feelings, not words, but the feelings that our words send out. I understand your frustrations and sadness. I used to believe the universe didn’t listen to me too, and I know first-hand how very disheartening it can be. Was I not worthy enough to receive what I most desired? Was I falling short in the expectations of others, so I wasn’t deserving of the fulfilling, happy and financial secure life that I dearly wanted.

If this is you then help is at hand. I have recorded a short meditation to help you with manifesting your dreams and desires. To help you connect with the continual flow of abundance easily. It will help you focus on what it is you desire and send out the emotions and intentions to the universe.  Working with the universal laws of attraction and reflection, this meditation will kick start the process of manifesting your dreams and desires.

Release Stress: Welcome Serenity

We all have times when we feel stressed, anxious, full of tension and overwhelmed. Life can be difficult; we buy into other people’s drama. We start to feel unloved, taken for granted, alone and don’t know which way to turn. It is very hard during these times to be in control, find joy or peace.

To find peace and regain control of a situation we need to ground and centre ourselves. We need time to breathe and settle our emotions.

This meditation can be used whenever life gets too much to handle, or when you’re feeling a bit low and need support.

Gifts of Atlantis Meditation

The powerful energies of Atlantis have been filtering through for a while now, many of us are remembering our past lives there, getting drawn to read and learn more about the so called mythical land.

Golden energies from Atlantis are now being felt and are calling to us. It is time to reclaim the wisdom, knowledge and gifts that we used in Atlantis and left there.

 Up until now we could not bring those to earth, as we were not at a high enough vibration to do so. We were not ready to bring these frequencies forward into this lifetime. Now we are.

Gifts of Atlantis will take you back to Atlantis to reclaim what you have left behind, reclaim what you have forgotten.