Spiritual Coaching with Liz

Discover the hidden you. Get Clarity on your life’s purpose and open the pathway to your soul’s journey.

A lot of us feel disconnected and lost; we feel better when we are outside walking in the woods, or on the beach. At these moments we feel different; we feel peaceful, a connection that is lacking at other times. During these times we often get insights into and answers to questions that have been bugging us. Ideas and images often come into our minds unbidden. We are at these times allowing ourselves to connect with our true self, our higher self, that speaks from the heart centre.

The heart centre connects us through unconditional love to the spiritual aspect of our selves. We are after all made up of mind body and spirit, but we are in essence spiritual beings in a physical body. Our spiritual self only knows unconditional love, and we need to connect to this part of us in order to be who we truly are and live our life following our true soul’s purpose. Then we will find fulfillment and happiness.
We have help from the higher realms in the form of our guides, angels, and ascended masters. Once we have made the connection with these higher beings we will never feel alone and dis connected. We will be able to call upon them to help and guide us at any time and know they will always be there loving and supporting us.

VIP Mentoring Programme

In this programme you will learn how to transform your life by aligning your mind, body and spirit to live a life full of passion and purpose.  Learn how to connect and live from your heart centre. Understand the triggers that build your fears and lack of self – esteem. Discover and explore your  soul’s pathway and understand how your natural gifts and talents can be used in alignment with that path. Increase your self confidence and self-esteem so you can freely let your true self be seen without compromise and stop conforming to what others expect you to be.

We will be working with angels, guides and other light beings to heal old wounds and remove out dated beliefs, break any soul contracts and vows that are impacting negatively on you now and create a deep connection with your higher self.

I know how you have held yourself back, conforming to be accepted; I know how you’ve kept silent rather than speak your truth, for fear of criticism. I know how you’ve hidden your gifts for fear of being different. I know the feelings of loneliness and fear of being alone.  I know because I did all those things. It is time to let go of those things now, to embrace your true self and be set free from those self -imposed limitations.

You have been drawn here for a reason, the universe has called you. If you are ready to transform your life, live from a place of love rather than stress and fear then my 121 VIP mentoring programme is for you.

It is time to let your light shine, to become the awesome, empowered person you were always meant to be.

It is time to begin your transformation.

An investment of £2000.00 which can be paid in 6 monthly instalments of £370 (£2220 in Total)

Your programme will include 12 x 121 mentoring sessions with me, email support , 6 x 30 minute q & a sessions.
Visualisations and guided journeys for soul empowerment, connecting with your higher self, and light beings that will guide you on your soul’s journey.

This programme is tailor made to each individual and so it is not possible to include here everything that may be covered.

If you are ready to transform your life then simply choose your payment option and we can get it arranged

Single Payment of £2000

6 Instalments of £370 (£2220 in Total)

If you would like to discuss whether this would be right for you, then get in touch and we can have an initial chat


merlin_birdA 90 minute intensive session that is designed to focus on one specific issue that you are facing and struggling with.

Are you facing bumps in the road on your journey of spiritual awakening and awareness?

It could be that you want to make a change but unsure how, or even if it’s right for you; you feel at a crossroads and lack direction; your self- confidence has taken a tumble; or you feel unsettled but have a deep down knowing that you need to connect and align with your spiritual nature.

You feel as if a part of you has been asleep and is now waking up; experiencing energy shifts, emotional rollercoasters.

You feel the need to learn to trust your intuition and connect more to the angels, guides and other light beings. Want to embrace the magic that is your life.

This intensive 90 minute exploration session will help you get the answers you are seeking.  This programme is available in person or via zoom/skype for only £175.00

Single Payment of £175

2 Instalments of £95 (£190 in Total)

If you would like to discuss whether this would be right for you, then get in touch and we can have an initial chat