From a very early age I was able to see angels, spirits and pretty lights around people that I later realised was their aura. I could feel presences around me; sometimes these were scary, as they felt dark or lost. I remember getting tingling feelings in my fingers when I was around people or animals that were hurt, and wanting to touch them. Not exactly a normal childhood. Not surprising really that my mother really struggled with the things I said and saw.

Childhood and early teens were difficult as I had to learn to be careful what I said to people. I was constantly told to be quiet, and not be silly; that I lived in a fantasy world. I was bullied at school and felt alone among people.

But I was never alone.

I talked to angels, especially my guardian angel, my guides and fairies; I hugged the trees and chatted to the animals and birds. I spent a lot of time in nature learning about the elementals, the guardians, Gaia and the Universe or Source; gradually things fell into place. I started to understand and use my healing gifts. So it was no surprise that I was drawn to a career in nursing.


My soul path opened up and the journey of learning and accepting who I was continued.

I understand how scary and confusing spiritual awakening can be, I’ve been there. I understand our pathway is not always easy or obvious, that’s why I became a spiritual mentor. Our lives are an amazing journey if we allow ourselves to embrace our soul’s purpose.

I am an intuitive spiritual mentor with many years’ experience of helping ladies make a deeper connection to their true self, working with the energies of the divine feminine to increase confidence and self worth.

I assist and guide you in achieving a life that is harmoniously balanced with your soul’s purpose, helping you understand what that purpose is and overcoming blocks and fears from this or previous lifetimes that are impacting on realising your true potential and strength.

I can help you connect to your higher purpose, discover and embrace your hidden divine self and support you along your spiritual journey.

My role is to help empower you, awaken you to your gifts, heal trauma and old wounds, and break through negative thought patterns and beliefs.

I am an Angelic Reiki Master Teacher and Atlantean Healing Practitioner and these healing modalities are used in mentoring sessions. I also work with various oracle cards for guidance and validation.

I love animals, especially cats, walking bare foot in the grass, star gazing, knowing that we are all connected to the wonders of the universe.  My happy place is at the sea, listening to the sound of the waves under a full moon; just magical.

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