2020 is almost over; thankfully I hear you saying. What a year it’s been too.

Scary, stressful, uncertain and challenging. A year like no other. 2020 will definitely be in the
history books.

But however challenging it’s been, we’ve all learnt a lot. We’ve all received downloads, a
raise in vibration and been made aware of what is really important.

How will you remember 2020? Despite it being a difficult and challenging time, it has also
been a year of personal healing and releasing, understanding our soul journey and re
focusing on the real purpose of being alive during this time. We did choose to be here, living
through this after all.

Our focus has now turned to what type of Christmas we will have, the media is still
promoting the material side of the festival, but we all know it so much more than gifts,
parties, eating and drinking. Let the energies of love, compassion and peace flow from your
heart centre.

The winter solstice will also be bringing in energies of love and family, gratitude and
celebration. We are still in the eclipse/full moon corridor that occurred on 30 th November
that was very emotional and draining.

As we have reached a completion of a karmic cycle, it’s time to totally let go of all the hurts,
and beliefs that we have held onto for so long. You have probably noticed feelings and
memories that have surfaced from nowhere to be acknowledged, healed and let go.

Look back over 2020 and give thanks for every little thing that has made you smile, laugh,
feel loved and happy. Acknowledge the lessons you have learned, however painful.

It’s time to get out the fairy lights and tinsel; add extra sparkle. And you know how much I
love my candles and fairy lights. Yes Christmas is just round the corner, Yule is being
celebrated and the joy and blessings of the season are kicking in.

Connect deeply with your heart centre to feel and spread unconditional love and light.