So many of my clients come to me not knowing who they are, over the years they have tried to conform to what people expect them to be; a wife, mother, sister, colleague, father, brother, friend, society in general, etc and have lost their true self.

By trying to be what others need is very detrimental to us and also to them, as they lose out on seeing and knowing the real us.

The universe wants to see the real you, not some alien version of you that it doesn’t recognise

When we reclaim our true selves, we feel more in control, we attract the people to us who resonate with our vibration and naturally uplift us. We feel and act differently, more powerful, more confident and what others think doesn’t matter anymore. By allowing ourselves to be our authentic self benefits not only us, but those close to us too. Happiness and passion become a natural part of daily life, as we stop trying to be something we’re not.

We were born with a purpose, a message to deliver, to be a way shower, a child of light; not to conform to others ideas, not to be used and taken for granted. It’s time to be brave and take the first steps in reclaiming you. Be your true, unique self; no masks, no apologies.

Reclaiming you is a journey, but we need to start that journey. What 3 things could you do in 7 days that will make you smile and boost your confidence?

Women especially, are criticised for the way they dress, so what do we do, we conform to someone else’s dress code. Go and buy something that you love and wear it; feel fabulous and give yourself a boost.  When we feel good, we feel more confident; make it your choice.

Try something new that you’ve been putting off, like a dance or yoga class, skydiving, hot air ballooning, be adventurous. Do something fun with friends, go out and enjoy yourself.

Little by little you will start to find yourself and you will find that you love the real you. It is time to stop the erosion of you power and reclaim it.

Stop doing what others expect you to do.
Stop doing what you’re supposed to be doing.
DO what feels right for you.
DO what excites you.
DO what makes you laugh
DO what makes you happy
DO what your heart is calling you to do
DO what brings you peace