Align Your Business
Your Soul’s Purpose

Running your own business can be exciting, exhilarating and fun.

But the sparkle wears off when we start to worry about if there’s enough money coming in, WHAT IF I can’t attract new clients, WHAT IF I’m not capable of all the skills needed to run a profitable business, WHAT IF I’m not good enough, there are people more qualified than me, more experienced than me.  WHAT IF my brand doesn’t standout, so I can’t make an impact and help more clients at this time of need.  Can I do this, and so the anxiety and mind monkeys start to take over; your passion flows away and your confidence tumbles.

We forget why we started our business in the first place.

We allow our anxieties to disconnect us from our soul’s purpose.

We stop trusting our intuition, we send out negative thoughts to the universe and we start to feel like giving up.

This course will align your values with your business. Give you clarity of your vision for your business. Help you show up as the REAL you. Align your business to your soul journey. Use your natural gifts and talents effectively, so you show up as your authentic self, ready to support your clients and help them get the results they need. Put YOU as the heart of your business. Ensure your mission statement reflects you.

Find your symbol that connects you to your business.

Mine is a phoenix representative of healing and transformation; see the phoenix rising from the ashes and flying free in all its fiery glory.

Connect once again to the passion and joy of spreading your message to attract your soul clients.
Be more confident in your gifts and using them to enrich your client’s lives.
Build your Heart driven business to bring in the financial security and abundance that you’re seeking and deserve.

Learn to trust your intuition more and work with the universal laws.

I am delighted that Lynne Stainthorpe from Big Idea Brand Marketing, will be joining me to help you get clarity on your branding.

Lynne is an intuitive brand strategist and certified Storybrand Guide, who understands the challenges of expressing your authentic message and creating a distinctive brand that makes an impact and has meaning for both you and your clients.

Lynne will build on the work you do with me so that you will feel clear, confident and focussed in your conversations with clients.

I know the trials and heartache of building a business that aligns to spiritual growth and soul purpose.

I know that the  formulas and action plans that are taught by non-spiritually aligned folks don’t work well for me and many others; I’ve tried countless times to take on board what is considered ” normal” in growing a business.

It was only when I realised that I needed to just be myself and use information in the way that resonated with my heart, did I start to build the business that I desired.

If you want your business rooted firmly in your soul’s purpose, your heart soaring with passion to make a difference in your client’s lives, to feel connected with your higher self and the abundance of the universe while using your gifts in service to others, then this is the course for you.

Align Your Business with your Soul’s Purpose is a 5 x 2 hours small group coaching programme, designed for spiritual entrepreneurs and heart centred business owners, who want to be of service but also reap the rewards of a successful business.

You do not need to compromise; you don’t need to follow the herd. You DO need to be your authentic self and let your light shine and get your message heard.

Where & When

In your own home, via Zoom

There will be 5 sessions on the following dates:

8th and  22nd February

8th and 22nd March

5th April

Time: 10am – 12 noon

Total investment is £675
Instalment plan 3 payments of £236.25 available

Join me in aligning your business to your soul’s purpose and building your heart centred business to attract your soul clients.

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Liz is a talented, warm-hearted spiritual mentor who helps business owners align their talents, skills, passion and purpose so they have the foundations in place for great success.

Her workshops combine practical insights and tips with increasing spiritual awareness.


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