The heart centre connects us through unconditional love to the spiritual aspect of ourselves. We are after all made up of mind body and spirit, but we are in essence spiritual beings in a physical body. Our spiritual self only knows unconditional love, and we need to connect to this part of us in order to be who we truly are and live our life following our true soul’s purpose. Then we will find fulfilment and happiness

Many people aren’t achieving their full potential because they are disconnected to their inner self, unable to listen to their heart and intuition because they are afraid of failure, stuck in a rut, not sure how to. If you knew you could not fail, what would you do? Follow your heart, make your dreams a reality, enjoy learning new things.

We find things along the path that don’t work for us, but that’s not failure, that’s knowing we need something different. When we follow our heart, life gets easier and enriched. New people appear and new opportunities arise. Be kind to yourself, acknowledge your dreams, take little steps each day to make them come true.  Enjoy the journey, life is not a race. Know yourself and what you truly want.

Make time every day for you; spend a few quiet minutes away from all the general noise and hub bub of life, so you can connect with your inner self and bring calm and balance into your day.

Be open to help and guidance and watch the magic flow. No one else can bring to this planet what you do, Every one of us is unique. Enjoy being you. The real you, not a shadow of what you can be. The full, glorious, technicolour you.