Boundaries are important for our well – being. It is natural to want to help, especially our family and friends, but not to the detriment of our self. We are not here to be at everyone’s beck and call, we are here to be of service yes, but that doesn’t mean we are slaves to the wants and whims of others.

So often we put others needs and wants before our own. We run around trying to keep the peace, trying to be everything to everybody; why?

Are we not worth having our own time and space?

Do we feel loved and nurtured by those we bend over backwards for?

Do we hope to be accepted and valued?

Is our self worth so low that we feel that it’s our place to be a general dogsbody?

Oh no beautiful souls.  This is not what we are meant to be doing. We are beautiful, powerful souls who have a purpose in life. We need to set boundaries that show we respect and honour ourselves; and until we do this others won’t value us. Why should they? If we don’t value our self no-one else will, because the message we are sending out is that it’s ok to make these demands on us, it’s ok for us to be taken for granted.


The universe will give us lessons and test how we value ourselves. I got a kick from the universe last month when I didn’t value myself enough to insist on full payment for a workshop prior to the event. My reasoning was I was being kind and helpful; BUT the universe highlighted a belief that I thought I had dealt with, and I had mainly, but there was still a bit remaining.

Ok so the lesson learnt was not that people take advantage, yes I’m a bit out of pocket, but that I need to let the universe see that I trust that my soul clients will come to me. I don’t need to take on board those who aren’t committed to their journey. I needed to show the universe that I am ready to work at a higher vibration; and that means honouring myself.

Look at your boundaries; look at what the universe is showing you.

We will be tested at times; the universe wants to be shown we are ready to move forward, that we are serious about walking our path.

Setting boundaries lets people and the universe know that we are serious and ready to be the empowered people we are meant to be.