You know those times when things are just not gelling, nothing seems to make sense and you just want to scream and vent. We all times like this and recently I had a few days that drove me to distraction.
My back was hurting more than normal and I was just out of sorts.
I kept getting odd headaches and emotional over things, getting upset over things people said that I would normally just ignore.

I often ask my body and soul “what do you need “  but I took extra time to go deeply inwards and get  answers.

I sat in a quiet place, set up an intention altar with crystals and other objects that needed to be there, called in my guardian angel and started to talk to my body.

I asked what was hurting me, what could I do to help, what healing was needed and how to go about sorting these things.

All the physical stuff that my body was dealing with came to the front and I could see the colours and shapes of my cells, I could feel their pain and discomfort.

Following guidance I channelled healing energies into my cells, my bones, my organs; I breathed in golden healing energy and saw it change colour as the healing angels and Archangels took over.
I stayed in that light and energy as long as I was told to, not worrying about time, or what needed doing. Just being; totally focused on what my body needed from me.

I said thank you to my body, for all it puts up with, my diet, my lifestyle, and the demands I make of it without thinking how they would affect it.
Our physical body houses our spiritual self, without it we would have no home on earth.

We owe our body gratitude and respect. If we don’t look after our bodies we will cause harm, damage and disease.

So I listened, took note of the changes I was asked to make and made a promise to take better care of myself.

My soul gave me some advice too; not what I expected at all. Among some of the guidance was “go and have more fun, you are not acknowledging your mischievous self enough”

Spend time having a conversation with your body and being thankful for everything it does for you.