I am sitting in the sunshine in my garden enjoying the birds singing and the warmth of the sun on my skin.  The trees offer shade and the flowers add colour and beauty. The sun and light always make us feel happier and generally better doesn’t it.   Nature has its patterns of growth, it knows when the new buds of flowers should appear, when the animals who have hibernated need to wake up and all is in balance. It is a shame that we don’t allow ourselves to follow nature’s way. We continue to struggle through life swimming against the tide, trying to hit deadlines, fitting 36 hours into 24, trying to be what others want us to be. It’s no wonder we get exhausted and frustrated.

We have created a world of instant gratification, and everyone seems to think that they should have everything they want NOW, not have to wait. Just one click of a button and so much is available to us. BUT does this instant gratification make us happier in the long run? What is it actually teaching our children? I can remember the excitement of saving up for something and feeling proud that I had done so. Can we ever truly appreciate anything that comes easily to us all the time, and how do we react when it doesn’t; when someone says no.

As awakened spiritual beings we know we have lessons to learn, lessons that can be difficult, emotional and painful. We are not being punished by the universe for anything we have done in this lifetime or others, but merely progressing along our journey of ascension and healing.

Yes Karma comes into play but not as a punishment, although it may seem like it at times. And when we say to someone karma will sort you out, we see it as a form of punishment. We have all done things in past lives that we aren’t proud of, but that was an unenlightened us, a different time with different values and expectations. We will atone for these by learning lessons in various ways.

As we walk our pathway, we grow in strength, in love and understanding. We are supported by the universe, the angels and archangels, our guides, power animals and thousands of light beings who are there for us, if we only take the time to connect with them.

Every one of us has mission, a journey and lessons to learn so we can forgive and heal ourselves and others.  When we realise this and start our journey of discovery, we start to feel whole again, we see things differently, we no longer reach for the instant gratification that we think we deserve, and we are given so much more than we could ever imagine.

My path has led me through all sorts of places and experiences, that have made me the person I am, but I’m still growing and learning. I freely acknowledge my gifts and openly talk about the real me; all of which I kept hidden for many years for fear of ridicule and isolation.

My path at times has appeared dark and scary, I have doubted if I’m capable or even worthy of the gifts I’ve been given; this is a normal human reaction. I have met and worked with many inspirational people over my lifetime, they were sent to help me grow and understand. Some really challenged me too, but they had a role to play in my ascension. Everyone we meet has a role in our lives, even if for only a short time.

Open your heart to the love and magic that is all around you, see the beauty in everything and know you are loved.  Once you find and start to live your soul’s purpose on earth you will find a whole new meaning to your life.