Discover Your Soul’s Pathway – 1 Day Workshop

If you are feeling that your life lacks meaning and purpose, feel unfulfilled, lack connection to the world around you, feel there is a part of you missing, then this is the course for you.

Discover Your Soul’s Pathway is a one day workshop where we focus on discovering your true pathway in this lifetime, by opening your heart centre and awakening your intuition. You will explore your talents and passions and how they are being used, or not, in your daily life.

A journey of discovery that will enlighten you to new and unforeseen opportunities, that will empower you to make the changes necessary to allow new things to manifest in your life. You will set inspirational goals and start the process of putting together a plan of action, with confidence and self-belief.

You will connect to Gaia and the high universal energies to ground and empower at a deep level of love and understanding. You will be assisted by your guides, angels and power animals in your journey of awakening to your soul’s purpose.

You will go away feeling clearer about the future, focused on what you want to achieve, understanding your true self and purpose with the tools to help you manifest your dreams and desires working with the law of attraction.

If you are ready to start your amazing journey, to live a fulfilling life rather than just existing, in a safe and loving environment, then click below.


Date & Time

Date 21st September 2019

Time 10.30 –  4.30

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The Venue

Longrow Barn
The Acorn Well Being Centre
Langley Hill
Kings Langley

Workshop Duration

This Workshop is run between 10.30am and 4.30pm

Your Investment

The Investment for this Workshop is £150
If it makes things easier for you, then you can pay in 2 instalments of £75

Single Payment of £150

2 Instalments of £75

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