As we look around us at the beginning of autumn in the northern hemisphere we see so much beauty as nature adapts to another season change.

The trees are so beautiful as their leaves change to a myriad of colour before they fall and leave the trees bare for winter. Animals are scurrying around getting prepared for hibernation and even some of them are changing the colour of their fur and feathers.

Nature has her own rhythm and understands change needs to happen for survival and the good of the whole. It doesn’t worry and fret over change; it allows it to happen naturally and welcomes it. Unlike us humans who balk at the slightest change.

Unlike us, nature doesn’t fear change but in fact welcomes it knowing it is natural part of life and growth.

Without change everything would stagnate and eventually die away. So why do we fear change, fear the unknown so much?

It’s in our coding, it’s through repeated conversations and beliefs that we have inherited back from childhood and even past lives, as well as experiences that have come about due to our limiting beliefs. We tell ourselves something is bad or frightening and it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

We cannot manifest new things into our lives, if we keep tight hold of what we have now; we have to make room for new people, new opportunities, and new ideas; there has to be space for them.

Look at the tide of the sea it has a natural ebb and flow, water in the rivers moves sometimes slowly, sometimes gushing, but never completely still. Still water breeds disease and is not nice to be around.

Our lives to be truly fulfilled need to align with the properties of nature; embrace change for the good things to come along, wash away the stuff that no longer serves us. Let your energy flow freely and without fear; change will happen regardless but we can be more aligned with it, not letting fear get in the way of new and wondrous adventures.

A little tip that will make a huge difference:
Listen to your heart; only love resides there, no room for fear. Allow your heart to guide your path.