Despite all the love and support we receive, we allow our fears to get the better of us sometimes. We are not born with fears, we learn them from the words and behaviours of those around us as we grow.

One of my big fears was the fear of rejection. Many of my clients have had to address this fear too; it’s a very common one, especially among light workers, healers and those who are awakening to their spiritual journey. I have been called a freak, witch and many other things especially when I was young, and it hurt. These unkind words take root and as we age, although we dismiss them, our inner child still remembers them. We need to heal and let go.

We are herd animals, we like to belong to a tribe, so we often try to conform to fit in, to be accepted. But that is so damaging to us, to our divine mission and our soul. By denying our true essence we block emotions, causing ourselves pain physically and emotionally.

When we lose our true selves our self-worth and self-confidence get eroded away. The lesson I teach is by being true to yourself you will attract the right tribe to you.

Those people who appear to reject you, are themselves lost, they may even feel threatened by your light and your intense vibration. Never dull your light for others, remove the mask and let your true nature show.

There is nothing to fear, for you are perfect just as you are and those that can’t see that are not worthy of a place in your life.