We all have challenging and hurtful times in our lives. People’s words and actions cause pain, anger and conflict. During these times we want to lash out and hurt the offender, revenge is often uppermost in our minds. How can we get our own back, how can we make them hurt like we are. After all they deserve to.

This is a very negative and damaging route to take. It harms us more than anyone else. We need to learn to forgive and be compassionate in order for us to heal so losing the pain and anger. To forgive is not weakness; it is a powerful thing to do and puts us firmly in control.

To err is human, to forgive divine” is a very old and true saying.

It is possible that the person is totally unaware that we are angry and upset; they have so much going on in their lives that they are totally oblivious to what they have done to someone else. Their perception is not the same as yours, so instead of blaming them and allowing yourself to feel hurt and angry, forgive them and let the negative emotions go.

There are of course people who don’t care that they have upset you and you are just wasting energy with these negative, harmful emotions. They will have their own issues to deal with. No matter what you do, you cannot change someone else’s thoughts, behaviour or actions. But you CAN change YOURS.

Remember we attract how we act; if we act as an unforgiving, revengeful, person that is who you will attract into your life. Do you want this? No of course not.

You are not forgiving someone for their benefit, but yours. You have the choice to stay angry and hurt, or to release this and get on with your life. We each have our own journey, our own karma in this life and that is enough without adding other burdens. No one can change what has happened, but we can choose how to move forward.

By forgiving others, we forgive ourselves and allow ourselves to heal. This is the way to true fulfilment and happiness.