I’ve been working with a client recently who said there was no passion or fun in her life.
She felt taken for granted, not listened to and was bored with the same old stuff.

How many of us can identify with this.

We worked on embracing her inner goddess, and freeing her from beliefs that had taken root in her teens.

We as women all have the divine feminine and goddess energy and wisdom within us.

We are naturally passionate, sensual and powerful; but our conditioning by family, friends and society has altered the way we behave and think.

This has resulted in us giving away our power; hiding our natural sensual side, because we are told it’s wrong.

What’s wrong is the guilt, fear and abuse women have been subjected to.

It’s ok to free your wild side.
It’s ok to be free to have fun
It’s ok to be a wild, unfettered soul.
It’s ok to embrace your passionate, sensual self

You have every right to be you, in your full goddess glory