Meditation for Abundance

Do you feel stuck when it comes to bringing your dreams into reality?

Do you feel that the universe isn’t listening to you?

Do you feel frustrated because you feel unable to achieve that one thing that would make your life so much easier, fuller or more joyful?

Do you believe that manifesting anything is hard?

It’s for everyone else but not me?

Why do some seem people get everything and I get nothing?

To manifest your dreams and desires you need to take action. The universe responds to emotions, feelings, not words, but the feelings that our words send out. I understand your frustrations and sadness. I used to believe the universe didn’t listen to me too, and I know first-hand how very disheartening it can be. Was I not worthy enough to receive what I most desired? Was I falling short in the expectations of others, so I wasn’t deserving of the fulfilling, happy and financial secure life that I dearly wanted.

If this is you then help is at hand. I have recorded a short meditation to help you with manifesting your dreams and desires. To help you connect with the continual flow of abundance easily. It will help you focus on what it is you desire and send out the emotions and intentions to the universe.  Working with the universal laws of attraction and reflection, this meditation will kick start the process of manifesting your dreams and desires.

I delivered this meditation at an event and was told by the host at the end, that an attendee had already seen signs of manifesting what she had been focusing on.  Somethings will happen very quickly, others may take some time, but everything is possible when you stay in the flow of abundance.

To attract more abundance into your life, express gratitude for all that you have; by being grateful and giving thanks, you will trigger the universe to give you more to be thankful for.

To download your meditation for abundance click here.

The price is just £10

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You can listen to this meditation as many times as you like to keep you in the flow of abundance and to see for yourself the power of gratitude and focus.

With love and blessings