Meet Your Guardian Angel Online Programme

Please watch this video, where I introduce you to how I can guide you to connect with your Guardian Angels
This On-Line Programme is a series of videos in which I guide you, via meditations and visualisation, to meet and form a deep connection with your guardian angel, recognise when angels are around you and help you build a personal and loving relationship with them.

Angels are with us all the time, but unless we learn how to communicate with them and get to know how to recognise their presence, we are unaware of this.

You can watch the videos at your convenience, time and again once you have downloaded them. I recommend you keep a journal or a special book to write down your experiences and how things change for you once you let these beautiful, loving beings of light into your life.

I run this as a live workshop and have been asked many times by people who want to attend, but location prevents them from being able to do so, to put together a downloadable version ; so here it is.

For the small investment of £57.75 you will have this Programme to watch and re-watch whenever you want to.  All  you need to do is click the Payment button below to start you on your exciting journey to meet your guardian angels.  Once payment is made, you will be directed to where your Programme will be waiting for you.

I know you will be amazed when you start building your relationship with your guardian angel, life becomes richer and more meaningful.

Angel blessings


Having the angels in your life will make a difference; you will feel safe and loved, be able to talk to them about your worries, fears and joys and ask them for help in any area of your life.
The angels are always listening and ready to help when you ask them.

”Liz is such a lovely person to know and be guided by.
Liz sparkles with her dharma, soul’s purpose, to help you to meet the angels.

With her warmth, friendship and sense of fun Liz takes you on an incredible journey in a connection with these amazing angelic beings, bringing the senses of touch and sound into the experience so that you feel supported and loved by them as you begin your journey to finding your own purpose and gifts.  

The workshop was a magical day and I’m looking forward to the next!

Tara Hawes

BWY Accredited Teaching DiP/Sadhana Mala AIT Student Practitioner/Reiki Master Practitioner/Yoga with Tara

“I just wanted to put together my thoughts about the workshop I attended,” Meet Your Guardian Angel” and the following one, “ Connect with the Archangels”.  

I found the whole experience amazing. Your approach is gentle and taught me a lot about this side of us that we prefer to ignore but it’s always there.  I feel loved and in tune with myself and the universe.

I can’t thank you enough and I would recommend this to anybody who needs some understanding and peace.”

Monica Varo


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