We all have times in our lives when we feel broken, sad, wondering if we can cope, or if we will get through a bad experience. So often these scenarios occur because we have handed over our personal power to someone else; we can only be happy if a certain person is with us, or we feel valued, we have that new car, and so on.

Every time we look for an outside force to make us feel good or complete, it is a recipe for problems. The only person who can make us feel happy and complete is our self; yes it’s great to know we are loved and successful, but relying on someone or something to make us feel that way is a sure way for us to feel alone, sad, empty and even depressed.

The truth is we are never truly broken, we are very powerful, loving beings, we just need to learn to connect with our inner selves to tap into that strength that lies within every one of us. In order to be loved we need to give love, to be successful we need to help others to be successful. To attract what we want we have to mirror it to others.

Have you ever noticed when you are relaxed and happy how people naturally gravitate towards you? Your energy is attracting them; they want to be around you. The opposite is true too, when people are continually moaning and disgruntled their energy is low and although we may feel sorry for them and even want to help, there comes a time when we don’t want to be around them, because it has an effect on us. It is about the positive or negative energy we give off and only we can control that.

Yes we all have days, weeks when it is difficult to feel truly alive and content but we are a lot stronger than we realise. There is help at hand if only we ask. The angels are always waiting for us to call on them for help and guidance. AA Michael will protect us from negative energies and thoughts. He will use his sword to cut away our fears and his shield of light to prevent lower and negative energies getting to us. Imagine being wrapped in a vibrant blue cloak and feeling safe and confident.

Call on AA Jophiel to bring more joy, peace and organisation into your life. She will help you to de clutter physically and mentally. She will help you to find your inner child and encourage you to relax and have fun.
Angels will always hear us calling them and will respond; maybe not in ways we expect, but they will respond. So next time you are feeling anxious, scared or alone, ask them for help.

Each of us carries a divine spark inside of us; we are all part of the creator and made up of love and divine energy. Sometimes we get lost and forget this.

We are truly wonderful, awesome beings who can make a difference to others; but only after we have found our inner strength and light.

By taking control of your life and your personal power you will be happier and stronger. Remember no one can make us feel inferior, sad or anything else, without our permission.