Angelic Reiki Practioner Course


Angelic Reiki is a very powerful multi-dimensional healing. The student is attuned to the angelic kingdom of light and Arch Angel Metatron, who is responsible for overseeing the healing and raising of the earth’s vibration.

I teach the original Angelic Reiki as was channelled by Kevin Core from AA Metatron during 2002/03. All students on completion of the training are eligible to join the Angelic Reiki Association.

The main requirements to train as a practitioner are an open heart and the desire to work with angels as a channel to deliver healing energies for the highest good of the recipient. The attunements are very powerful and change the practitioner in subtle ways by removing blocked energy, healing old wounds and helping us to live life more fully with less drama.

During the course you will be attuned to the angelic kingdom. Taught how to call in and work with healing angels, Arch Angels and other divine beings of light. You will receive healing and guidance from the angels. Learn how to give an angelic reiki treatment and set up your own practice.

Please schedule a call with me before booking onto this course.


Angelic Reiki Master Level Workshop


This training is available to Angelic Reiki Practitioners who are ready to progress to the next stage of their development.

Run over 3 days this course is a very powerful experience that awakens the divine within you and aligns you with the incoming galactic ascension energies.

You will learn new healing techniques, receive full attunements, a master manual, certificate and be guided how to teach angelic reiki; Healing practice and sharing experiences, receive gifts of knowledge from the Sarim.

Please call me for more information on 07921 540327


Angelic Reiki Healing


Angelic reiki is a spiritual healing that is given directly by the healing Angels and Arch Angels through a practitioner attuned to the angelic realms, and over seen by Arch Angel Metatron.

It is a powerful, yet beautiful and gentle healing that restores equilibrium by clearing away negative energies and emotions that lead to illness and outdated cellular memories that maybe preventing us from living the life we are destined to.
Angelic Reiki brings healing on all levels, and as the Angels are not restricted by time or space, it can be given as a distant healing, no matter how far away people are.

Please contact me to book a healing session.