Release Stress; Welcome Serenity Meditation

We all have times when we feel stressed, anxious, full of tension and overwhelmed. Life can be difficult; we buy into other people’s drama. We start to feel unloved, taken for granted, alone and don’t know which way to turn. It is very hard during these times to be in control, find joy or peace.

Added to that we have in an inbuilt flight or fight trigger, which is meant to keep us safe, but it can actually be detrimental to our wellbeing. It was great when we were facing predatory animals, or warrior tribes, but in modern day life the added adrenaline can cause disease if we have it pumping through our bodies for too long.

To find peace and regain control of a situation we need to ground and centre ourselves, running won’t help and neither will fighting our feelings or other people.

We need time to breathe and settle our emotions.

The key is to take some time to connect with the strength and love of Gaia and the Universe; this meditation Release Stress; Welcome Serenity will enable you to do just that.

Release Stress: Welcome Serenity will give you the space needed;

​To breathe.

To connect deeply with Gaia and the Universe.

To restore calmness.

To balance your equilibrium

To raise your energy level.

To bring things into perspective

To put you back in control

This meditation can be used whenever life gets too much to handle, or when you’re feeling a bit low and need support.

Switch off your phone, close the door and get comfortable in your favourite chair. Have a glass of water nearby, maybe a blanket and some cushions to snuggle into.

 Take time to listen to this meditation and immerse yourself in the energies of peace, love and freedom.

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With love and blessings