This year is just flying by, I swear the time lords have lost the plot.  It seems the Universe is in a hurry to get the Ascension process moving, but this acceleration is certainly taking a toll on us physically and emotionally.  Our physical bodies need time to absorb energy changes, downloads of codes and reclaiming knowledge and wisdom.

Self Care.

We hear about it so often, but do we actually do it. Can you honestly say that you nurture yourself fully, allow yourself to take time out and rest when you need to.

It’s so easy to put everyone else first, make sure the family has everything they need to the detriment of yourself.

Part of a light workers journey is to learn that we need to look after ourselves; we are important, our work is vital and we can’t be the shining beacon of light if we’re knackered and frustrated.

Honouring and taking care of yourself is not selfish; it is a necessity.

Some tips for self care;

Drink plenty of water.

Daily walk or time out in nature.

Setting boundaries; saying NO


Rest and sleep

Doing things that you enjoy. Whatever makes you feel good


Time with family and friends

The heavy, painful, mass consciousness energies are very debilitating to sensitive folks and especially empaths.  For us self care is vital or we will just get overwhelmed and not able to function.

Empathy is seen as both a blessing and a curse; and at times we wish it would just go away. But the Universe has recognised we are strong enough to use this gift and so we learn (often through trial and error) how to cope and use this gift effectively.

At this time grounding your energy through your earth star chakra deeply into Gaia is a great help. Be mindful of what you eat and drink, support your immune system. Recognise that the pain, anxiety and fears that you are feeling are not yours and release them. Consciously close down your aura; this naturally expands when we are doing healing or any spiritual work.

Above all ask for help and support from the Angels, your guides, any of the light beings that are ready and willing to assist us.

I often ask the fire dragons to put a ring of etheric fire around me for protection,  the fire also burns away any negative energies. It’s beautiful to see, although rather dramatic. Dragons are elemental creatures and not given to subtlety.

Bottom line; LOVE yourself enough to honour and take care of you.