What does freedom mean to you? We all know the opposite, right:

  • The fear of being left out,
  • Trying to conform,
  • Following the pack.
  •  Playing small, Keeping quiet
  •  Ignoring your inner voice and intuition,
  •  Putting off your dreams,
  •  Being there for everyone else.
  •  Trying to be what is expected of you.

The list goes on and on.

So where are you; are you invisible, unrecognisable; chained.

The good news is you can break free from all these things, reclaim your freedom.

I love being by the sea, I feel alive and free in the wild energies of nature. The unpredictability of the waves, sometimes gentle, sometimes crashing and powerful.

Nature is wild and free and we are part of nature; we need to allow our wild side to be expressed, as well as our gentle side. Gentle does not mean being subservient either; it is our nurturing, healing aspect.

So where do you feel most connected, most free?

Go there as much as possible in reality or in a visualisation.

Check out your thoughts, are they resentful, fearful, poor me based?

How does being chained make you feel; helpless, angry, and unhappy?  It’s time to unchain yourself.

Change your thoughts to ones  of nurturing yourself, allowing yourself to connect to your wild side. Dance around the room, sing and laugh. Smile at everyone at work. Do what feels natural to you and let go of other people’s expectations of you.

They only have control if you allow it. So explore your freedom, let your wild child loose.

Set yourself free; honour your true self.