This month we are looking at the 5th chakra, our throat chakra.
Known as Vishuddha in Sanskrit. This is the energy centre for communication, especially speech.
How often do you speak your truth, voice your opinion in a positive and caring way; or do you remain quiet to keep the peace.
Do you bite your tongue rather than say what you feel?
Do you get a sore throat when you feel unable to say what’s on your mind, put off having a tricky conversation?
Or lash out in anger when you feel you are not being heard.

An open and healthy throat chakra will enable you to speak freely and clearly about anything. You can even ask for AA Gabriel’s help in giving you the right words, so the message gets across without pain or upset. It is responsible for all forms of communication, verbal and non verbal.
Expressing yourself easily and confidently, being a good listener and being able to create plans and instigate projects, all come under the influence of the throat chakra.

The throat Chakra is the bridge between the heart and mind, when this space is open and clear it allows the energy and wisdom to flow between those areas. This results in us being able to ask for things more easily, become more creative and speak our truth in love and power.

Laughing, singing, reading out loud are easy ways to keep this chakra balanced. Blue is the colour of this chakra, so blue crystals ;lapis lazuli, blue calcite, sapphire, sodalite, blue lace agate, aquamarine and blue kyanite are popular.

Jewellery or a blue scarf wrapped round your throat area will strengthen this chakra. Drinking more water, add lemon or lime to it, eating fruit, using essential oils to clear the energy around you; frankincense, jasmine, rosemary, sandalwood are good for this


I speak my truth in love and grace.

I am able to speak my truth openly

I am safe to speak words of power in love.