I believe that people come into our lives for a reason and also leave when the time is right.  Some will stay for most of our life, or long parts of it, some will be there only for a little while. Everyone we meet shows us a lesson we need to learn, and until we learn it and deal with it the pattern will repeat.

Before we incarnate on earth we agree to learn certain lessons, to do specific things. We can’t remember as the veil of amnesia descends when we are born. The veil is getting thinner as the earth raises her vibration, and there are times when we are shown memories to help us, but still a lot remains unknown to us.

We all have people in our lives, who are very close to us and we love dearly; we can’t imagine life without them. We also have people who come into our lives and turn our world upside down in one way or another, others we would be happy to see go., but don’t know how to let go. Whatever emotions people engender in us, or what affect they have on us, we need to understand and accept the lessons that these people are teaching us.

However hard we may find life and the pain and hurt that we feel; it is done in love. When we are deciding what lessons we need to learn or pay off some karmic debt, the souls of those who want to help, will fit in to their life purpose, the way they can help us. This may mean they will bring emotional upset into our life, in order for us to learn and move on. But whatever is decided is done with love, there is nothing painful or unforgiving on the spiritual plane; only unconditional love.

Our lives are a mixture of stability and change, of fun, love and heart break; if we can acknowledge that all is a learning curve for us, to enable us to become more spiritually aware, kinder, more compassionate and loving, then we will have a more fulfilled life. What we see as a negative part of our life, is not a punishment, we need to understand what we are learning to enable us to grow. Often we meet the same souls in our various lifetimes, in different relationships, and we have a role to play in each other’s lives to enrich and teach.

In my own journey I have met with many souls I have shared past lives with.  A friend in this lifetime has been with me through many shared lifetimes, but this one has been difficult and at times hurtful.  His role this time has been to teach me to open up to the healing, mentoring, spiritual side of me, that I had forgotten.  In order for me to learn this, he had agreed before incarnating, to go through an extremely painful period in his life, that would trigger me into action out of love for him, that had been a natural part of our other life times together.  By wanting to help someone I cared about, was the trigger for who I truly am and led me back onto my spiritual path. I started to work with angels again, I was able to connect with healing energies and so my soul purpose was reborn.  I understood why I was here on earth, at this time.

Yes it is emotionally difficult, sometimes heartbreakingly painful, when someone leaves your life; but if you can give thanks for having them, even for a short time and learn what they came to teach you; it becomes a beautiful and up lifting experience in your life.

Be thankful to all those who are and have been, a part of your life; whatever they have brought to you.