I’m often asked how do I know if I’m on my soul path, the simple answer is if you are questioning this, then you aren’t.

Your soul path is a journey over many lifetimes, here we learn the truth and strength of our spiritual essence, we work thorough lessons and experiences and above all we learn to love and forgive. Our soul path is our journey to become an ascended master. So it takes time and effort, the path can be joyful and also bloody hard.
We have lifetmes on many planets, different galaxies and timelines, but Earth is the greatest planet for us to learn and progress on.

Of course we agree to incarnate here and to the lessons we need to learn, past karma we need to heal and a general over view of what each lifetime will contain. Once here we forget all that and the reason we are here to serve and help.

We will meet the people who will help us, support us, mirror us and generally drive us cuckoo. Most of them we have history with us previous lives. But not all.

Naturally we are not abandoned down here; our guardians, teachers, guides and protectors come with us, but we have to connect with them. Some will be humans working through their own journey, but are part of ours; others will be pure spiritual light beings.

You know when you’re on your soul path, everything just feels right, things fall into place and make sense. You are using your gifts and talents for the benefit of others. You may not always understand or even realise you have certain gifts until you start to open up and ask questions. Once you do that flashes of intuition occur and you start to see clearly that you’re in the wrong job, you feel uneasy around certain people, you start to see the real you.

The you that has gone onto hiding to try and fit into a place you don’t belong, with people who don’t understand you and try to make you conform to their beliefs and wants.

You realise that life can be so much better, you can accept yourself for the strong, spiritual being that you are.

Your soul path will lead you on adventures, bring opportunities that you never imagined, attract your sol tribe to you and give you clear guidance on your journey to become an ascended master.

Embrace this journey, even the tough bits and there will be tough bits. But there will also be times of pure bliss, love, joy and achievement.

So right now, sit quietly, breathe deeply and ask your soul; am I on my soul path and what do I need to do right now to take the next step.

Your Soul knows what you came here to do.

Your Soul knows what to do and where to go.

You already have the gifts and talents you need to fulfil your soul purpose in this lifetime

Listen to your soul and trust.