Unleash Your Inner Goddess

Ladies do you know that you have the spirit of the Goddess within you – the essence of the Divine feminine.

This essence that makes us nurturers, teachers, seers, healers, life – bringers, peace makers, but also warriors. An essence of strength and power.

For too long we have buried our goddess , let her sleep, blissfully unaware that she is needed. We have done this to her because we have forgotten who we truly are.

Unleash Your Inner Goddess is a day of connection and celebration.

A day to re-awaken these energies and gifts that you hold deep within yourself

Align your Business with your Soul’s Purpose

Align Your Business with your Soul’s Purpose is a 5 x 2 hours small group coaching programme, designed for spiritual entrepreneurs and heart centred business owners, who want to be of service but also reap the rewards of a successful business.

This course will align your values with your business. Give you clarity of your vision for your business. Help you show up as the REAL you. Align your business to your soul journey. Use your natural gifts and talents effectively, so you show up as your authentic self, ready to support your clients and help them get the results they need. Put YOU as the heart of your business.

1 Day Workshop – Meet Your Guardian Angel
For those who want to learn how to connect with the angels and welcome them into their life.  You will learn how to connect with your guardian angels, how to know and feel their presence with you.

Come and join me and feel the love, support, guidance and protection of your own guardian angel.

Meet Your Guardian Angel Online Programme

I have been asked many times by people who want to attend the live workshop, but location prevents them from being able to do so, to put together a downloadable version ; so here it is.

This On-Line Programme is a series of videos in which I guide you, via meditations and visualisation, to meet and form a deep connection with your guardian angel, recognise when angels are around you and help you build a personal and loving relationship with them.

1 Day Workshop – Discover Your Soul’s Pathway
If you are feeling that your life lacks meaning and purpose, feel unfulfilled, lack connection to the world around you, feel there is a part of you missing, then this is the course for you.

You will find your soul’s pathway, you will learn how to visualise effectively and to trust your intuition. You will discover the journey that awaits you to fulfilment, peace and empowerment.

Fill the void in your soul; find the true, inner you in a safe, supported environment.

“I’ve attended two workshops run by Liz and although the subjects were different, Liz’s knowledge, passion and nurturing support were overwhelmingly evident in both.

The latest workshop ‘Discovering your Souls Pathway’ was a wonderful day of connecting with the energies of our Heart Chakras and Gaia, Mother Earth, allowing us to set achievable goals and relevant affirmations to use daily. Each of us were able to share within the group being supported and nurtured by the guided meditation taken by Liz. 

I would heartily recommend attending workshops run by Liz as she helps you to develop a sense of clarity in your life and work, within an inspiring and nurturing setting.”

Sian Lambert

Highview Acupuncture

“I just wanted to put together my thoughts about the workshop I attended,” Meet Your Guardian Angel” and the following one, “ Connect with the Archangels”.  

I found the whole experience amazing. Your approach is gentle and taught me a lot about this side of us that we prefer to ignore but it’s always there.  I feel loved and in tune with myself and the universe.  

I can’t thank you enough and I would recommend this to anybody who needs some understanding and peace.”

Monica Varo


“Doing the angel workshop was the most enlightening and uplifting experience.  

I have long believed in the power of angels but having Liz talk us through how to contact our angels and going through the meditation, I came away happier and more positive than I have been in a very long time!

It is a great workshop for anyone who had lost faith, needs guidance it reassurance that someone is there. Thanks Liz!”

Fritha Lambert

“Liz’s ‘finding your pathway ‘workshop was a wonderfully grounding and uplifting experience.

It is rare to take stock of your life and admit to your ambitions in a safe environment, sharing experiences with a lovely group of supportive women and Liz’s insight. Lovely outside meditation in the garden to finish the day.

Highly recommended.”

Debbie Jenkins

”Liz is such a lovely person to know and be guided by. Liz sparkles with her dharma, soul’s purpose, to help you to meet the angels.

With her warmth, friendship and sense of fun Liz takes you on an incredible journey in a connection with these amazing angelic beings, bringing the senses of touch and sound into the experience so that you feel supported and loved by them as you begin your journey to finding your own purpose and gifts.  

The workshop was a magical day and I’m looking forward to the next!

Tara Hawes

BWY Accredited Teaching DiP/Sadhana Mala AIT Student Practitioner/Reiki Master Practitioner/Yoga with Tara

“I would like to thank you most sincerely for the recent workshop that I attended with you called Connect with The Archangels, this was a truly enlightening and fascinating workshop, you create such a wonderful experience with your love and laughter, you truly are an Earth Angel doing your important work with the Angels.

I look so forward to attending your next workshop in May called Souls Journey.

You have certainly helped me to realise the power that is there within us all to achieve anything we want to achieve in life with help from our Angels.  Love and Light

George McConville

Monarch Pest Control Services