Despite all the love and support we receive, we allow our fears to get the better of us sometimes. We are not born with fears, we learn them from the words and behaviours of those around us as we grow. One of my biggest fears was the fear of rejection. This is a very common fear especially among light workers and healers. I have worked with many clients to help them clear this.

When we lose our true selves our self-worth and self-confidence get eroded away. What I know is that by being true to yourself you will attract the right tribe to you.

Those people who appear to reject you, are themselves lost, they may even feel threatened by your light and your intense vibration. Never dull your light for others, remove the mask and let your true nature show.

There is nothing to fear, for you are perfect just as you are and those that can’t see that are not worthy of a place in your life.

We are by nature herd animals, we like to belong to a tribe, have a need to be part of a community, so we often try to conform to fit in, to be accepted. But that is so damaging to us, to our divine mission and our soul.

The power of journaling.

One tool I find very helpful is journaling. I have a few different ones; a healing journal, a gratitude journal an intention/manifesting journal and others that pop up for something specific when needed.

The power of writing is underestimated. In these days where computers rule, it is so satisfying to actually write and connect with all our senses, when we put pen to paper. It is also more connective to our emotions and source when we write not type.

I use different coloured ink too; no black or dark blue at all; pink, lilac, turquoise all beautiful colours that carry different energies.

Get a journal that calls to you and start to write about how you’re feeling; what was good about your day, what annoyed you, what made you laugh, etc. This is your everyday story that gets you started; then you can have a journal for a specific thing you want to achieve, or have a conversation with your higher self about.

This writing is also good in enabling you to express yourself when you can’t do it verbally. It gets the emotions out of our system and into the ether, so they can be dealt with. It also helps put things into perspective.

By releasing and acknowledging our fears and pain, all the emotions we keep hidden, we actually start to heal and become more open to receiving.