Why should I forgive those who have hurt me?

How often have we been hurt by actions, comments and general behaviour from others? You’ve probably lost count.

How often have your heard or said “I’ll never forgive you for that” Ouch. Those words will have embedded themselves in our auric fields, in our heart and every cell in our body.

This will have no impact on the people who have hurt us, but they will have a tremendous impact on us.

Forgiveness is not a sign of weakness, but a sign of strength. Forgiveness releases us from the negative energy we have stored and continues to harm us physically, emotionally and spiritually.

We cannot progress along our ascension or soul path if we hold on to these negative emotions and beliefs. For our own benefit and peace we have to let them go. We have to heal these past hurts and wounds that lie within us.

By holding onto them we are robbing ourselves of peace and fulfilment.

The people who have hurt us will have moved on with their lives, some totally unaware of the pain you still hold, some maybe regretting what they did or said, but that is their journey. We can’t affect or influence them, we can only take responsibility for our own actions in order to live a life of harmony and alignment.

By forgiving we are healing ourselves and enabling ourselves to grow and build the life that we desire.

It takes strength to release the pain, to allow ourselves to move on and forgive those who have caused us pain. As beings of light we cannot hold negative energies without consequences to our health and wellbeing.

Stand back from these past hurts and put boundaries in place that stop people from treating you in ways that are detrimental.

Create a quiet space, light a candle and have some crystals to hand. Allow the memories to surface and send light and love into each situation, release these hurts in love and grace. Visualise the people and tell them you forgive them. Also forgive yourself for harsh words and reactions to others and to yourself. Ask for these negative energies and memories to be freed and transformed by the universe.

You may cry as you feel the release of heavy energy that you have carried for too long.

Ask Arch Angel Raphael to pour his healing love into the space where these energies used to be, you may see this as an emerald green light flowing. You can call upon any of the Arch Angels to support you through this as well.

Forgiveness is a divine trait and we are in essence divine beings.

It is time now to let go, forgive and heal.