Gifts of Atlantis Meditation

The powerful energies of Atlantis have been filtering through for a while now, many of us are remembering our past lives there, getting drawn to read and learn more about the so called mythical land.

Golden energies from Atlantis are now being felt and are calling to us. It is time to reclaim the wisdom, knowledge and gifts that we used in Atlantis and left there.

Up until now we could not bring those to earth, as we were not at a high enough vibration to do so. We were not ready to bring these frequencies forward into this lifetime. Now we are.

Gifts of Atlantis will take you back to Atlantis to reclaim what you have left behind, reclaim what you have forgotten.

A powerful and beautiful journey back to Atlantis in her golden era, where you will remember who you were and bring back into this lifetime what is needed now for you to progress along your path in your ascension journey.

This journey is a live recording from the actual workshop Gifts of Atlantis and will take you on your own personal journey back to Atlantis to reclaim what is naturally yours and needs to be used in your soul journey now.

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With love and blessings