I have many people asking me how to connect with their guardian angel, do we need special rituals, certain words, is it difficult, will the angels respond? The answer is the angels are waiting for you to call them. They want to be part of our lives, but they have to wait for us to invite them in.

The first workshop I ever ran was Meet Your Guardian Angel, and it is still one of the most popular. I must admit I love to see the changes and excitement when people meet their angel and are given the name of their angel. It is a beautiful experience.

I had so much demand for this workshop that I was guided to make a downloadable programme, so that people could access it easily from wherever they are. The link is below.

You can ask the angels to show you that they are with you, and they will often leave white feathers for you to see, often called the angels calling card. You may feel a loving presence with you, warmth and comfort. Maybe even a specific scent. Cloud pictures, all sorts of ways.  Talk to them as you would a close friend; spend time getting to know them. Tell them how you feel, your worries, share your laughter and include them in your normal everyday life. Ask for their help and guidance. They will help with everything from finding a parking space, a specific item of clothing, to protecting you on a plane journey, keeping you safe as you drive, right through to major stress and fears. At the end of a day I love to feel their wings enfolding me as I go to sleep.

6 years ago I aquaplaned while driving on a very wet, very dark country lane, on a blind bend. I knew I would not be physically injured, but I was scared. My first thought was I hoped nothing would come the other way and I wouldn’t hurt anyone. I remember saying out loud to Arch Angel Michael please stop the car and don’t let anyone be hurt. I felt the car being lifted and placed on a grassy verge, totally off the road. The next thing a van stopped and a lovely couple came over to help. The angels were certainly there looking after me.

Our guardian angel is present at our birth and remains with us until our last breath. They are always with us, always listening.

To download The Meet Your Guardian Angel programme please click on the link below.