The last few years has seen the emergence in full glory of the divine feminine essence that lies within us. I am working with ladies to help them understand and connect with their own divine feminine self. It is incredibly powerful once awakened.

Over the centuries women have been abused, seen as chattels, possessions with no rights or voice of their own.

The days of the wise women of a village, the healers and nurturers, the seers and all the strengths and passion that make up our divine nature, have been stripped bare.

But no longer.

For years now women have been battling for recognition and wanting to be seen as equal to men. While this in the main is a good thing, we need to remember that we are different to men, our role is different, our make up is different, but we are not less powerful.
In fact when the divine feminine and the divine masculine work together a beautiful, powerful balance is achieved.

We need to understand that in our past lives where we were controlled and relied heavily on the protection of the men, our souls were damaged deeply.
It is now time for deep healing to take place, not only on an individual basis, but for women everywhere and the planet as a whole.
Mary Magdalene, Isis and Quan Yin along with others are working with us in this process of understanding, forgiveness and healing.

We are working on deep soul level healing for ourselves and others and this will bring a new energy and awareness of compassion and understanding to Earth.

There is much work to be done to bring back the balance and beauty of the divine feminine and masculine but it is happening.
A new Earth is ascending and the will bring harmony back into the divine essence of both feminine and masculine.