How many times do we see adverts for “makeovers” in one way or another; for our homes, our style, our hair, our makeup, etc, etc.

We hear so much these days about the problems of obesity, binge drinking, fast food and eating disorders, it is a wonder there is anyone left alive capable of living a normal, happy life. Yes these problems exist; it is a sad fact of living in 2014. There are many factors that have created this scenario in the world today, but the real underlying problem I feel, is that we no longer feel valued, or good enough as we are. Society wants us to conform to certain perceptions, size zero, perfect skin and being super men and women.

Well this maybe the media and society in general perception, but it is not the perception of the universe, the creator or the angels. We are perfect as we are at this very moment; we are enough, we don’t need rescuing or changing. As we are is perfectly fine. We may want to make changes in our lives, lose a few pounds, aspire to a better job, that’s fine, that is OUR choice. NO ONE has the right to demand or expect us to be anything other than who we are. Trying to be someone other than our authentic self is damaging to us, and we cannot live in harmony and peace with ourselves while we try to conform to what others expect of us.

We are loved exactly as we are and we should take comfort and strength from this. We can make changes in our lives with the help from the universe and angelic kingdom by asking to change things for our highest good. Of course we want to be healthy and happy, but not by someone else’s rules.

Each one of us is unique and have our own gifts and talents suited to us for this lifetime; to ignore our true self and try to be what others want us to be is detrimental, not to say insulting, to our true nature. So rejoice in being you; amazing, unique, brilliant and loved.

Learn to connect with the inner you through your heart centre, by sitting quietly and going within yourself. Enjoy walking in nature regularly and being aware of the beauty that surrounds you. The angels say to make a real difference in our lives we need to have a makeover of our thoughts. To raise our vibration we need to educate our thoughts to be optimistic, full of love and light energy. Stay positive, even when things seem to be going wrong; our thoughts carry the energy that attract things to us, so the more focused we are on the positive the more good things we will attract. Ask AA Jophiel to help raise your thoughts to focus on beauty and love

Live your life in full glorious technicolour.

Angel blessings