So what is our soul energy?

Our soul energy determines so much and the more we acknowledge and stay in the flow, the more we will accomplish; our body and mind will be nourished and our body, mind, spirit alignment will be at a whole new level.

Energy is a constant flowing source of fuel, or power that flows through our physical and etheric bodies and our chakra system. Some cultures call it Chi.  Our soul energy is our life force and some days we are brimming with it and others we can just about crawl out of bed. Why is that?

Well our energy is affected by our thoughts, our moods, people around us, our perception of things and events. When we are happy, excited and passionate our energy is high and we feel great and stable. When we feel anxious, sad and forced to do things that don’t resonate with us, our energy drops and we find it hard to get motivated.

This year has been a rollercoaster for everyone and many people have had little or no energy, no desire to do anything but hide Others have had large swings of energy, from being really productive to feeling low, lost and crying. During these times it’s important to listen to what your body and soul guide you to do.

I had my own mind gremlins screaming at me “you need to do this, you should be doing that.” but I ignored them, because I had no energy to do anything else. I spent a lot of time in the woods, my garden, just talking to my guides, the angels and my higher self; trying to find peace; which I did. I read, I played music; I did what my soul needed to nurture myself and I found the peace and space I needed.

Many of us, me included, were brought up to believe that whatever was happening, however bad, you pulled yourself together and got on with things, no time for mollycoddling yourself. Oh but how wrong is that, of course we need time out and we need to allow ourselves that time without feeling guilty or remorseful

I have stated time and time again that self care is vital for us to perform at our optimum and we need to value ourselves enough to take the time to care for ourselves.

Our energy, our vibe, affects how others see us and how they interact with us. You know when a certain person enters the room and the place lights up, or the opposite. Some people will make us feel good and cared for, others we just don’t want to be around. That is all down to their energy, what they are projecting.

I really enjoy my Monday morning Pilates class, but this week there was a new lady there; her energy was cold and aloof and the usual fun and banter was missing from our class. I closed my aura right down and asked for her energy to be directed away from me. I could feel the response from my team of light immediately and was able to focus on the exercises. Be very aware of your energy and how it is affected by outside influences; take action to protect your self.

Keep your energy high by being aware of your thoughts, surrounding yourself with positive people and doing things that make you happy. Be kind to yourself, have fun, hold crystals and chat to your angels, guides and light team.